A full spectrum hazmat training solution that includes sensory stimulation such asĀ aromas, malodors, vapor and smoke can aid in stress inoculation and be extremely beneficial to responders. Full immersion training takes advantage of the brain’s ability to recognize a situation as one previously encountered and modify behavior to a slightly different situation. This is called situational modification. Multi sensory training is key to creating memory tags that can be called upon when confronted with similar experiences, because it engages all the senses.
Atmospheric Hazmat training

ScensoryCo provides a full line of chemical odors such as chlorine gas, mustard gas, cyanide, diesel gas, mercaptan and laboratory while vapor and smoke systems can mimic gaseous releases or create whiteout conditions.

*Effects used for hazmat training include:

Smells: ammonia, nitric acid, chlorine, mercaptan, phosgene, sarin, WMD variations.
Smoke effects: burning chemical storage facility, railway fire, confined space whiteout, smoking tanks.
Weather and spraymotion effects: low lying vapors, leaking drums, de-contamination, chemical spray.
To view or download a PDF with a more comprehensive list of aromas, click here.