SensoryCo Helps First Responders and Military Prepare with Military Olfactory Desensitization

Olfactory DesensitizationFirst responders and military personnel are often in dangerous situations where they are assaulted by an ambush of sights, sounds, and smells making it extremely difficult to respond in a rational manner. Research shows that repeated training exposure to these types of sensory overload can familiarize and desensitize our brains to these assaults, helping to create a less stressed and more lucid response in real-life precarious situations. SensoryCo provides an extensive array of non-toxic aromas and malodors for first responder and military olfactory desensitization training.

Imagine the gamut of emergency or military conditions with overwhelming sights or blinding smoke, unfamiliar or deafening sounds, and nauseating and toxic smells. From gunfire to explosions, distant villages with the mix of novel smells, sewage, car exhaust and more; burning rubber tires or plastic; toxic chemicals and drug labs – all of these smells can be overwhelming, sickening and even disorienting when in the field with other extreme stressors. SensoryCo provides all of these authentic yet non-toxic smell effects for training, and works closely with agencies and organizations to provide custom odors as well.

Olfactory Input

In addition, SensoryCo has developed a range of scent generators for first responder and military olfactory desensitization training, easily used indoors or outside, in various size areas, with up to six different scents, several means for control or distribution, and more. The largest generators can accommodate a training area over 50,000 feet.

Olfactory input and desensitization has also been found to be successful in PTSD prevention and treatment for the military. Using virtual reality, researchers have been able to integrate the sights, sounds and now, smells, into a controllable treatment environment. This therapy may help soldiers mentally prepare or deal with the physiological stressors they may face during deployment.

SensoryCo is a leading innovator in military and first responder multisensory training solutions, including scent effects and scent generators as well as non-toxic smoke and vapors for training and simulation. We are dedicated to providing custom training options to help keep out first responders and military personnel as prepared and safe as possible.

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Bryan Roe Author: Bryan Roe, founder and President of SensoryCo, has been working on the forefront of technology for his entire professional career. Slightly obsessed with strategy and development, his drive and focus catalyzes the best ideas into reality. With a constant eye on technology development while advancing thoughtful business models that deliver, Bryan offers unparalleled experience for both immersive training solutions and entertainment effects. SensoryCo designs and delivers special effects systems creating realistic smells, weather, smoke and wet effects. Google