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Smoke Generators SMOX12

  • Water based, non-toxic smoke
  • Splash proof switching
  • IP 65 Microprocessor
  • Machined heater block, guaranteed for life
  • Continuous smoke output
  • Continuously rated pump drive
  • Controllable smoke, from a small wisp to a large plume

The SMOX12 incorporates a continuously rated high-pressure pump drive system to drive the Smoke Fluid stored in the internal reservoir through its precision machined, heat exchanger block. There the Smoke Fluid is vaporized and the vapor condenses on reaching atmosphere to form a dense, controllable and non-toxic smoke. This smoke generator is absolutely the choice in water-based smoke systems with longer hang times, more efficient use of smoke fluid, standard interfacing, greater reliability and built for the rigors of live and simulated training environments.

The temperature of the heat exchanger is controlled by a PID (proportional) microprocessor temperature controller and the heaters within the unit are switched by a solid state relay to ensure optimum reliability. The SMOX12 also includes a float switch in the fluid reservoir to ensure that the pump doesn’t run dry.

SensoryCo Smoke Fluid A produces an incredibly persistent smoke, ideal for large volume smoke logging, BA training, leak testing etc. As with all SensoryCo. systems, the smoke from the SMOX12 is controllable, from a small wisp to a large plume and it can be passed through flexible ducting if required.

In terms of safety, the water-based smoke produced by the SMOX12 has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories and authorities to ensure that it is both safe and non-flammable.

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Delivering ultra-fine smoke particles, our systems outperform many typical “entertainment-style” smoke systems in terms of hang time and opacity. But they are also used for a variety of applications that have nothing to do with obscuring visibility.

Vortex Cannon Testing

The vortex cannon was fun to experiment with. We were able to produce distinct smoke rings that traveled and maintained their shape over impressive distances. We found that it was also fun playing “smoke tag” during our experimentation.

Low Lying Smoke Testing

Normally we are filling expansive spaces with volumes of smoke. But in this case we wanted to see how low we could go by throwing together a DIY fog chiller. The smoke came out fine and traveled low.