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SmX-D1 Scenting System Information Sheet




SmX-D Series Custom Order Scenting Systems Information Sheet

SmX-D1 Scenting System

The SmX-D1 scenting system is a versatile unit tailored specifically to immersive environments allowing DMX control of scent output. The SmX-D1 is constructed with a powder coated extruded aluminum exterior that is aesthetic and durable and can be easily placed and blend within scenic environments.

Using our proprietary Poly Infused cartridges, scents last longer and deliver at higher intensity levels. Combined with our array of specialty scents, the SmX-D1 can be used in a variety of spaces, including small and enclosed spaces to semi-sheltered open spaces.

The SmX-D1 is a single channel unit that allows dry delivery of one scent at a time. Depending on conditions within each space, the SmX-D1 will allow for a maximum average coverage of 3,229 square feet / 300 square meters at full output.

SmX-D Series Custom Order Multi-Channel Systems

Similar to the SmX-D1, the SmX-D series multi-channel systems are tailored specifically to themed or show environments allowing DMX control. The SmX-D series units can be custom ordered in multi-channel configurations allowing for 2 or 3 simultaneous scents.

Applications Include:

General background
Enclosed space aromas
Days of week/
Hours of day timer
MOUT Facilities
4D Immersive

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