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SmX1 Scenting System

The SensoryCo SmX1 is a smell generator developed for the rigors of immersive training, production and entertainment environments. Integrated in a durable flight case this powerful and flexible unit delivers odors and malodors into spaces up to 4300 square feet.

The SmX1 uses our proprietary Poly Infused cartridges that last longer than traditional media and deliver at higher intensity levels. Combined with our array of specialty aromas, the SmX1 can be deployed in a variety of environments including small and enclosed spaces to larger or more open spaces, using a distributed approach.

The SmX1 is easy to set up, easy to operate, comes with remote control and provides quick integration to outside controls via built-in contact closure inputs. Our system is manufactured in the USA and carries a 2 year warranty.

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Unfortunately it is impossible to see smells. However, the implementation of scent is a high-impact add to any experiential design. Smells are often coupled to action, like triggering smells with field action. But they can also provide a space with a general ambiance.

It Smells in Southend!

This is a short segment from Season 2 Episode 4 of “Gadget Man”. Comedian Richard Ayoade is host and features all sorts of technologies (including our very own SmX1 smell generator). The show is very funny and worth watching if you happen to be located in a broadcast area. Note: if you are located in certain regions such as Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and United Kingdom you may not be able to view this clip.